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Werewolf by RyuichiYoshihara Werewolf :iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 0 0 HAPPY EVIL EYE AND SMILE DAY :D by RyuichiYoshihara HAPPY EVIL EYE AND SMILE DAY :D :iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 1 0 Character Posing Agressive by RyuichiYoshihara Character Posing Agressive :iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 0 4 A Creature With A Dark Pulse by RyuichiYoshihara A Creature With A Dark Pulse :iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 0 6 Run Ryu Run by RyuichiYoshihara Run Ryu Run :iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 13 9 BOOM by RyuichiYoshihara BOOM :iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 2 6 Ryu run by RyuichiYoshihara Ryu run :iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 2 17 Ima get chu fly by RyuichiYoshihara Ima get chu fly :iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 8 58
Emotional Chaos Chapter 7
                                   Hide-and-seek! Tears Of The Truth
Meanwhile at Ayane's hiding place.
"Maybe I can this place to my advantage and get Ryu-kun to notice me………if he can find me first I can say that I was scared and got lost so he can hug me better and comfort me! That will get him to notice me! It's the perfect plan! Hehe!"
Yukimura's hiding place now.
"I truly hope that he is able to find us, Hayden has gained his energy much too fast! If this keeps going he will be able to take Yoshihara's body for sure. If he can harness this energy, Yoshihara himself may be dangerous himself; nothing would be a problem for him. But I myself will become stronger and I will defeat Hayden myself if I have to! I…………will win."
Over to Manami-san's hiding place.
"Why did I go red be
:iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 0 0
Emotional Chaos Chapter 6
The Training Begins! Love Struck?
The end of the day bell rings. Ayane, Manami-san and me met up and waited behind the school for Yukimura.
"I wonder what I'm going to be taught? I'm curious because he's an ice elemental user and I'm a fire elemental user, so how would that work?"
"Well, at least you know that fire melts ice Ryu."
"I'm not that dumb!"
Manami-san giggles at my idiocy.
"Don't worry Yoshi-kun, I'm sure it wont be too hard for you, hehe!"
Did she just…………tease me?
"Hey! Stop teasing me Manami-san! I thought you were the good one! Hmph!"
I turn my face away from them while the girls laugh away at me.
Yukimura turns up behind the wall and calmly says:
"Hope your ready for some harsh training Yoshihara"
"Heh! I was born for this!"
"Of course you were and same for you girls?"
They both say:
Yukimura closes his eyes and sighs over the pain of handling us all.
What's that moron sighing about?
"If you're all ready then, follow me.
:iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 0 0
Emotional Chaos Chapter 5
                                The Seal, The Task And The Shocking Truth
The next day meeting up with Ayane in the morning going to school once again. Its like an every day thing now so don't be too surprised. I told Tochi to stay with Hikari for the day to help her feel safe and he happily obliged.
I yawned very loudly.
"Man, I haven't had enough sleep lately."
"So what do you think that thing was?"
"It was a shadow, I'm very sure of that."
"But you don't know, and it even talked!"
"I know, I was able to see everything that guy did, god knows how everyone is going to think of me at school."
"Your not worried?"
"Well………I cant say I'm not, but I'm interested to find out what that thing was, what did it look like?"
"It kind of looked like you, but a lot more………demonic."
"Oh……thanks, that
:iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 1 0
Emotional Chaos Chapter 4
                             An Abnormal Dream, The Emotional Struggle.
"Uggggh……………………huh? I'm………alive? I thought I…"
Wait a minute……………why is the sky a purple black colour? I can hardly see a thing!
I got up…and looked at the scenery wondering what had happened… I widened my eyes at what I saw.
"When did this happen!? Why are all the buildings collapsed!? What happened to everyone!? And where am I? I thought I was at the school! Why is everything around me destroyed!?"
Alright, calm down, don't panic, someone will turn up eventually, maybe I should have a little wal-
Damn it. I hate thunder. But why thunder now? Why is this happening?
I started walking and as soon as I started, someone was crawling out of the rubble of the c
:iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 0 0
Emotional Chaos Chapter 3
Hayden's release! Complete chaos!
He raised his hand and suddenly this jagged point of ice shot up at me!
I instinctively dodged it…but only just.
Another shot up.
And again.
And again!
"Dam it! The fights only just started and he's already got me on the run."
Dodging his attacks wasn't enough! I need to think outside the box, but…
Dam it! It cut me! My leg has taken a hit so early in the fight! …Pheeew, don't get irritated…stay calm and you will think of something.
I got it!
I grabbed the edge of the ice as it came at me and jumped over it!
"Euurgh! Eurgh! Ahh!"
I kept jumping them, but…
I can already see by his evil smile that he's just playing with me.
This guy must an ice elemental user. I've never seen one before, but I've heard of them, I've only seen the basic elements but this is a new one. This battle is going to be tricky.
"You wanna play huh? Well eat this!"
I concentrated my fire energy in th
:iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 1 0
Emotional Chaos Chapter 2
                                           A New Arrival, Killer instinct
Morning rises once again, I only managed to get one-hour sleep, but I'm just glad that everything has settled down, Even Tochi looked happy I was ok. The alarm goes off.
"Wake up Onii-chan!"
"AHH! What the-!"
Hehe, she fell off the bed.
"Ow, ow, ow, ow, your mean Onii-chan."
"Well you made me jump! You practically shouted at me."
"I was just trying to wake you up! Hmph!"
She's pouting over something like this?
"Sorry, but I didn't manage to get much sleep last night, I had a headache that just wouldn't go away."
"I can see why you're cranky then."
"Who said I'm cranky!?"
"Hehe, come on Onii-chan, get up or you'll be late."
"Yeah, yeah."
:iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 0 0
Emotional Chaos: Chapter 1
1                                                              @ Copyrighted by Ryan Wilson, 27/09/2010
                                   Emotional Chaos: Shadow Break
:iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 2 3
Daydreaming Ryu by RyuichiYoshihara Daydreaming Ryu :iconryuichiyoshihara:RyuichiYoshihara 0 7


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